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Tuesday, February 03, 2004


I can’t think of all the times a friend has bucked me up when I was feeling low down, beat down, beat up, hornswoggled, flummoxed, depressed repressed and oppressed by life’s hard vicissitudes. What would I have done without this or that friend on uncountable occasions? Friends -- here’s to ‘em.

Yesterday on the high-school-student-run public station, “C-89, Seatte’s Hottest Music,” I heard a song I’d never heard before and likely will never hear again. Over a hard driving dance beat, a young-sounding woman sang a fetching melody with her heart in her throat.

“If you’re feeling mixed up
Remember it’s a mixed up world
And if you feel life is just too tough
Remember you’re a real tough girl”

My heart went out to the singer and her friend. I wanted them to know I’m rooting for them, whoever and wherever they are. They’ll probably both be OK, but sometimes people just aren’t OK, and it’s heartbreaking.
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